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Welcome to the 22nd episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network. This show is ‘Weekly Updates’ brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India.

Discussion: 15 Online Brand Reputation Management Suggestions  
Online reputation management has grown into a monster that can devour brands. Social media networks are merciless when it comes to brand bashing and criticism. Add to that, the customer service woes plaguing consumers across the country! And you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

But does customer service have to be so hard? How are brands like Zappos and Amazon doing such a great job with delighting customers. Though the situation in India is far better than perhaps a year back, there is a lot of scope for improvement.

If social media gives power to the people, it also gives numerous opportunities for brands to build positive brand perception. In this week’s podcast, we talk about 15 ways brands can drive online reputation management with social media as well as 5 big foul-ups they need to be careful about .

CORRECTION: A correction in the podcast content. Monica relates a story of how a Zappos customer executive engaged a customer using Star Wars jargon. It was in fact a Netflix executive who used Star Trek as the theme and he initiated the conversation in that mode. Sorry about the mix up!

Some background articles:

Nestle India loses its head in Maggi noodle fiasco

Check Out The Insane Lengths Zappos Customer Service Reps Will Go To

DiGiorno Used a Hashtag About Domestic Violence to Sell Pizza

Tools to help you manage malicious behavior around your digital assets:

Disavow Tool: Protect your website’s ranking from being hurt by low quality back links.

DMCA Dashboard: Protect your copyrighted content.

News : Exciting times for the online fashion industry in India!

Among the top product categories fashion sales bring in the fattest margins for online retailers.

– Flipkart owned Myntra is an online fashion retailer that was founded in 2007.

– Snapdeal another well-known online retailer in India has products from 40 designers including some big names like Manish Arora, Nida Mahmood and Malini Ramani.

– Amazon India, of course didn’t wanna be left behind, it choose to launch its own designer store roping in about 20 designers onto its platform.

more :




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This show is ‘weekly updates’ brought to you by staffs and students of Web Marketing Academy . This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India.

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