Big news on FB, Pinterest, Flurry, Tumblr, Ind Rail, Snapdeal | Digital Marketing Updates – 08 | Episode – 21

Check out some exciting news on Facebook ads, Pinterest APIs, Flurry for Apple, Tumblr’s search, Indian Railways on Big G & Snapdeal doing

Facebook style.

FB carousel ads has now been extended to mobile apps

Pinterest opening doors to developers

Facebook introduces instant articles

Flurry analytics rolls out support for apple watch

Tumblr adds 3 imp features to its search

Indian railways schedule Google transit

Snapdeal going Facebook way

Suresh Babu Tips for the week

Zdnet is a technology site they had another site that interviewed and wrote about the CXOs called “When Google errs: Cautionary tale of great power” is an article by them talks about

how Google penalized their newly acquired domain’s (without the hyphen; they did a

301 redirect after they bought

They blamed Google for the error.

What they failed to see was that the previous owner of the website had unethical link

building practices and other activities on the website not in line with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Google penalized based on past history.

Check out this blog so that you get to understand the details.

Takeaway: Before you buy a domain in the future which was already owned by someone, do a google search to check site: . Research the number of pages

indexed, backlinks and other details before you finalize on your buying decision.

2nd tip from Anusha (Co-ordinator at WMA)

Why and who should get into digital marketing?

People shop and spend a ton of time online. So almost all businesses are going online and being in

Digital Marketing is a must in today’s world.

Anybody who is passionate can take up the Digital Marketing career. Getting training can put you

way ahead of the crowd.

Detailed Stories

Facebook Carousel lets advertisers showcase multiple images and links on one ad.

The cost is dramatically reduced and therefore more efficient and effective. Now, the same advert

option’s available for mobile apps.

Pinterest opening its doors and APIs to developers

According to, Pinterest now allows developers access to APIs or Application

Programming Interface allows builds all kinds of stuff on Pinterest data.

FB introducing instant articles

This is expected to increase the reading experience faster, by 10x – compared standard mobile web


It is a suite of interactive features that allow advertisers to bring content to life.

There’s a lot on the podcast but we’d like to highlight one great advantage of this – now people can

like, comment at various segments within an article. More engagement!

Flurry analytics supports Apple watch

According, yahoo acquired Flurry analytics last year, and this company will track

data and offer analytics about apple watch.

Check out this blog for more details:

Tumblr announces new search features

Tumblr is the micro-blogging platform from Yahoo! There are 3 massive improvements to search for

posts on Tumblr.

1. You could click the “avatar” on the dashboard and click the magnifying glass to search

2. You could filter and shorten the results

3. Full text search (both searches from the dashboard as well as from the theme)

Indian Railways schedules are now on Google Transit

8 Indian cities will now be listed on Google transit on Google Maps – this will display the transport

options available.

Listen to segment 13:55 to 15:22 on the podcast for greater details.

Snapdeal wants to do Facebook

Snapdeal is creating a clan of apps like FB. Facebook did this with FB app, whatsapp, Instagram, FB


Snapdeal has bought freecharge, rupeepower and exclusivy. The Co-Founder and CEO Kunal thinks

single app for great accessibility. One single login to a bunch of apps.

Round 2 of Tips

1. Farha is a student at WMA, her tips for this week is about Twitter. And especially she suggested

we follow Neil Patel ( for some awesome engaging content. She thinks we could

learn a lot about Digital Marketing from him.

You can follow Neil @neilpatel on Twitter.

2. Google allows its users to check their personal behaviours and even make changes to the settings

at This is one way for Google to ensure transparency and respecting

users privacy.

Stay tuned for the next Weekly Update from Digital India Podcast brought to you by WMA..


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