Digital India 015: Cheers to Video & Live Streaming. Rocking Content Marketing!



In this episode is brought to you by Web Marketing Academy, Bangalore we look  at how Facebook is making inroads into the e-commerce industry in India.

Story 1: Facebook e-commerce strategy, iPhone 6s India launch & more!

Facebook’s e-commerce  strategy for India seems to be to join hands with advertising and marketing agencies that focus on data science and consumer behavioral analysis. Facebook made an association with Bangalore-based Marketing and advertising company Tookitaki, head quartered in Singapore.

Story 2: iPhone 6s India Launch News

The demand for iPhone 6s in India seems to be growing exponentially.  Die hard fans of iPhone 6s are looking forward to the launch of its iPhone 6s launch in India. In the meantime, grey markets in some of metropolitan in Indian are planning to sell iPhone 6s at a premium before its launch in India.

Video Content Strategy – Interesting Discussion

A very interesting discussion on how video content is the ‘in-thing’ today’s content marketing efforts is  available to you on this podcast.  Some simple yet incredible tips on how you could create video content for individuals and businesses across industries – particularly focused on B2B will be of interest to listeners.

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