Marketer of the week – Digital India Podcast – Episode 14

Archan has been involved helping big brand names setup shop here in India.  He has worked with popular MNCs but his thirst to learn something new and exciting lead him to WMA.
He likes the peer-group learning that he gets at WMA.  He’s impressed by the fellow students that have come with varied experiences.
He likes Adwords certification.  He’s enjoyed data analytics and looks forward to google analytics.
The tangible, measurable aspect of digital marketing is something he prefers.  He also thinks
He’s involved in 3 different projects – 1 at his organization, 1 with WMA – Kings Kafe & Kitchen and another of his own.
Looks like Archan has teaching in his blood – his parents have been involved in teaching and training.
Archan suggests learning in a group setting – peer level learning can have a positive impact on your learning process.

His 2 cents: Be curious, blog, update your LinkedIn.


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