Digital India Podcast – Net neutrality – Episode 12

This week is about some of the big mergers in the country.  Alibaba buys PayTM, Snapdeal buys FreeCharge, an online recharge platform for an estimated $400 million, according to

This is one of the largest deals in the consumer internet space in the country.

e-retailers are fuelling niche start-ups in India.  India is expected to grow to 200 million internet users by 2016 – making it the second largest user base, next only to China.


According to Razorfish will continue to invest in India.  Johnny Starc Sr. VP of Razorfish, quoted to have said that “India is an important market for us” in the Goa fest.  They bought a tech services company Neev.


According to says video marketing is on the rise with the increase in Mobile users using internet.  Video advertising is definitely on the rise.


According to Financial Express, Psychographics to play a major role in digital marketing success, bettering the demographics.  Understanding customer behaviours and needs will help boost your business success.  And social media is the way to understand customers’ likes and dislikes.


LinkedIn acquires, online learning company.  LinkedIn is taken a new direction with this acquisition.  Exciting times ahead!


Kaushal, social media strategist of Web Marketing Academy joined to talk about the net neutrality debate.  Net neutrality is about treating data equally.  Using YouTube for example could be expensive than using Facebook for the same amount of data.  Data service providers charge that way based on the demand of a specific mobile app or a website.  The users may not even know about it.


What this also means is that some apps may load and work faster and become more accessible. than other apps or websites.  Though there are many other factors play into the net neutrality concerns, this one of the basic concerns.


So, it’s important for Government and data service providers to work together and provide net neutrality – meaning all data should be treated equally.  You can contribute by going to and sign the petition before mid-May.  Over 300,000 people have already signed up.


Facebook messenger is going to make some big changes.  Customers can interact with businesses check order status or get issues resolved with Facebook messenger – again this another big one for consumers and how problems are solved by businesses right from your computer desktop or your smart phone.


Stay tuned for next week’s updates from Digital India Podcast, brought to you by Web Marketing Academy.


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