Digital Marketer Of The Week 05 | WMA Student – Parijat Preetam | Episode 22

In this week we interview Parijat Preetam who is at the end of the training course at WMA. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and believes in practice.

Parijat Preetam comes from a business family background. He’s currently pursuing BBA. His family has been into educational consultancy and home management from the beginning. But through his brother’s guidance he’s now into Digital Marketing. He liked the SEO and ranking on page one is his favourite topic within Digital Marketing.

Preetam intends to start digital marketing agency. He intends to help start-ups with their digital marketing efforts.

Preetam is an avid Steve Jobs fans, he shares a Jobs quote about perseverance. His passion comes through the tone of voice – for sure…

Listen to this passionate podcast with Preetam..


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