Selfie with daughter, Netflix bringing internet TV to India | Digital Marketing Updates-13 | Episode 37

Hello and welcome to yet another episode of ‘Weekly updates’ from DigitalIndiapodcast. This show is brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India. Today is the 1st of July 2015 and we are giving you updates of the last seven days.

Weekly updates

1. Google Earth turns 10 on 29th June. Know More>>>
2. Facebook News Feed: Taking into Account More Actions on Videos. Know More>>>
3. Social Media users go gaga over selfie with daughter. Know More>>>
4. Simplilearn acquires US-based Market Motive for $10 mn Know More>>>
5. Smart companies urge staff to connect on social media Know More>>>
6. Netflix is launching in this massive new market. Know More>>>

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