New Facebook Features for Business – Google says, Hindi content is key | DIGITAL MARKETING UPDATES – 20 | Episode – 51

Namaskara, shubhodaya and a very warm welcome from Web Marketing Academy to yet another episode of Weekly updates from Digital India Podcast. This show is brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India. Today is 19th of August 2015 and we are giving you updates of the last seven days.


1. Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure.
2. 6 New Facebook Features for Business: that every Marketers Need to Know. Read More>>>
3. Google says, Hindi content is key to growing an audience in India. Read More>>>
4. BBMP elections: Several non-politicians in the fray.


Call out to Todd Henry, author of the books – The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, & the very latest Louder Than Words. He is a leadership expert and from his Twitter bio – an “arms dealer for the creative revolution.” In his latest book he talks about how you need to harness the power of your authentic voice – in effect build something that comes out of listening to your own voice (essentially who you are and what you care about) and then, making your message resonate with the audience you target.

You can learn more on this in his book “Louder than Words.”  It’s available on – hardcover for Rs. 1238 and the Kindle edition for Rs.766.

The second thing I want to talk about todau is doing what you love to do, every day. This stems from Todd Henry’s interview that I heard on the Resonance Content Marketing podcast. He talked about how important it is to take some time out every day to do what you love to do. Not only because that makes you happy but also because you need to stay in shape with respect to the profession that puts money on the table. Now I’m also a content developer but I don’t get to write that much nowadays. But 2-3 days back I wrote a post on Linkedin and I realized that I was in better spirits the whole day! So thanks Todd for reminding me of this essential element – do what you love to do, and do it every day.

My third tip for you, dear listeners, is the new feature Twitter has launched within Notifications filtering. It’s to make Twitter a better platform for verified Twitter users. If you are a verified user, you’ll get an alert when another verified user follows you – on both the Android and iPhone app. Also you can view your verified followers from your own profile on Twitter (for iOS only). This started rolling out on August 13. Clearly Twitter wants to give its earliest adopters (the celebrities) some extra love … Kim Kardashian recently got a direct affirmatory response from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey when she tweeted to her 33.8M followers that she’s emailed Twitter to add an edit feature to Tweets! Good to be famous, huh?

Thank you Monica for the tips. For those of you who have something to say, you can leave a comment in the comments section below or you could connect with us on Facebook as Web Marketing Academy, Twitter as WMAIndia or you could get in touch on Thank you Bharani, editor of all the podcasts at Web Marketing Academy for his amazing work . We hope you have enjoyed this weekly updates. Catch you same time next week.


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