Indian Railways on Social media, Linkedin & Twitter updates, e-commerce global revenue | DIGITAL MARKETING UPDATES – 21 | Episode – 53

Namaskara, shubhodaya and a very warm welcome from Web Marketing  Academy to yet another episode of  ‘Weekly Updates’ from Digital India Podcast. This show is brought to you by staffs and students of Web Marketing  Academy . This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India for the last 7 days.



  1. Increase your reach on and off Twitter with the Twitter Audience Platform. Read More>>>
  2. Introducing LinkedIn Lookup: Easily Find, Learn About, and Contact Your Coworkers. Read More>>>
  3. Railways: DRMs, GMs on Twitter, Facebook to connect with passengers. Read More>>>
  4. E-commerce generates $1.2 million revenue every 30 seconds: Study. Read More>>>
  5. Social networks rush to integrate online commerce options to tap new revenue. Read More>>>


For those of you who have something to say, you can leave a comment in the comments section below and you could connect with us on Facebook, Twitter as @WMAIndia and email at I am going to handover this piece to Bharani, editor of all the podcasts at WMA. I hope you have enjoyed this weekly updates. Catch you same time next week.


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