Google for Mobile & India’ Own Operating System | DIGITAL MARKETING UPDATES – 25

This show is brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India.

“ Google for Mobile 2015” is an event recently happened in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.  It is a platform for to share and discuss the latest trends and product developments which might impact your mobile-led business.

   Mobile is the most important device for millions of Indians to come online. By next year, more than 60% of users will access the Internet through a mobile device only. Google recognizes this amazing shift from a desktop era to a mobile one.

Discussion “Is India heading towards a complete digital ecosystem in the next five years”?

Is India heading towards a digital ecosystem in the next coming 5 years? If so, how is India adapting to it. Why is it going to become challenging for marketers to catch eyeballs? Is India shifting towards mobile first?  MORE

BOSS Indian’s Own Operating System:

BOSS – Bharat Operating System Solutions Indian government is all set to launch a new version of its own operating system. BOSS likely to replace Microsoft Windows in Indian Government space.

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