Digital India Podcast For FIR Podcast Network – 02 | Episode – 32

Cross Post From FIR Podcast Network

Hello and welcome to the second episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network. This episode has the weekly updates from staff and students of Web Marketing Academy.

This week we talk about:

  1. Faster and lighter mobile web pages in India. Click here for more>>>
  2. Bhagwat Geetha champion Mariyam Siddhique returns cheques of her felicitation to invest in girl child education. Click here for more>>>
  3. India’s first lesbian video goes viral. Click here for more>>>
  4. Foxconn wanting to set up iPhone manufacturing plant in India. Click here for more>>>

We also have some cool tips from Suresh, Founder CEO of Web Marketing Academy. He talks about

  1. – This has tutorials for creating images from a scratch, without knowledge of photoshop or other professionals tools
  2. Wistia– An altenate to youtube that gives analytics and tools for call to action on videos. Ex. collecting emails. This also helps in SEO for the uploaded video
  3. a website that is used for testing your design, test anything that you want to put up on the web, or give out some tests to people and collect feedback
  4. Hellobar –A tool to collect email address using the subscribe now or know more buttons. It also allows you to design the button the way you want it to be. It is free for a limited number of emails you can collect and has its branding. Also has a wordpress plugin

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