Marketer Of The Week | Digital India Podcast | Episode -18

Indranil Deb is from UP moved to Bangalore in 2000. An Engineering graduate, he’s worked in the
field of Market Research for over 8 years. Exposed to Twitter in previous job in 2009, did primary market and syndicated research. He learned the nuances of Twitter. He realized that the CXOs were more vocal on social media. This affinity to social media led him to digital marketing.

Content marketing, SEO are keys interests. He’s been writing about brand management since 2008. Writing fascinates him and preference creative work fulfilling. According to him Engineers are creative; they are these crazies who want to solve problems
creatively. He thinks Digital Marketing as an extension of creativity. He also thinks that people are creative and they can write or build stuff based on individual creative thoughts.

He is working on a project called which is a market place for homemade cakes. So,
home makers who would like to sell cakes online and are looking for a free market place this website could be useful. So, please check it out!

You can connect with Indranil on Facebook and of course Twitter.


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